Helpful CBD Creams and Lotions


What are CBD Creams and Lotions?

CBD Cream and lotions contain CBD oil from hemp plant extract. They contain cannabinoids found naturally in hemp plants. The lotion can be rubbed into areas of the body where you have body aches from sore muscles. Once it is rubbed into the skin over sore areas, the CBD cream or lotion absorbs into the skin and helps relax tension in that area. Generally about 50mg of CBD per oz of a CBD cream or lotion product.


The Top CBD Creams and Lotions

The top CBD creams and lotions from Highland Pharms are their Highland Pharm Therapy+Hemp Cream and the Highland Pharm Therapy+Extra Hemp Lotion. The lotions and creams are well-liked for the body wellness that they provide to those with aches and pains.


The CBD cream is available in 2 oz and 4 oz jars. There is 100mg of CBD oil within the 2 oz jar of CBD cream. There is 200mg of CBD oil in the 4 oz CBD cream jars. The cream products are priced at about $50 to $90.


The CBD lotion is available in 4 oz bottles and 8 oz bottles. The 4 oz bottle of CBD lotion contains 400mg of CBD. The 8 oz bottles contain 800mg. The lotion is available for about $80 to $100 depending on which size bottle you opt to purchase.


Where to Purchase CBD Creams and Lotions

CBD creams and lotions from Highland Pharm are available from their site. The Highland Pharm company's cream and lotion products are also available at some retail stores. Highland Pharms also sell a myriad of different CBD products for health and wellness.